Fundraisers & Party Favors

Many different product ideas available for party favors and fundraisers!

Olive Oil Foaming Soap & Room Spray Set

Olive Oil Foaming Soap & Room Spray Set
Comes in Brown, Purple or Green

The perfect house warming or hostess gift set!

The very popular foaming olive oil liquid soap along with our fantastic room spray all completely packaged in a handy handle bag with corresponding colored tissue!

Our foaming soap is made with our moisturizing olive oil soap and is refillable!

The Room Spray is packaged in a very attractive, color-coordinated, aluminum bottle with a fine mist sprayer.

Shea Butter Soap
50+ soaps are $3.50 each
100+ $3.25
250+ $3.00
500+ $2.75

Scentastics’ Shea Butter & Goat’s Milk soaps are all-natural, handmade soaps made from high-quality ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Safflower oil, Shea Butter and Goat’s Milk. Our soaps are scented with the high quality oils of our own Scentastics’ fragrances and with 100% pure essential oils. All-natural colorants extracted from the earth are added as well for a beautiful look to add to any bathroom decor.

Our soaps are all non-detergent based soaps, which makes them extremely moisturizing for your skin. Unlike heavy oils like olive oil, our soaps do not leave a slimy feel on your skin. Shea Butter is loaded with vitamins and minerals to replenish your skin and Goat’s Milk is added to make a rich, creamy, lather. Our soaps last a very long time!

Each bar weighs approx. 8 oz each! WOW! That’s a lot of soap for your money and twice the size of most soaps on the market!